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I want to let you know, that I’m able to write this evaluation of a review because I’ve personally used their services. So I’ve been using Top 10 or Free seo services from Secure Independence for a long time, I thought I would write this review and let others know what my opinion is of them.

What satisfied me concerning Secure Independence is that they are a debt free firm and they’ve been around since 1987. How many other companies could you think of which may have survived that long? Because of the buyouts and mergers along with bankruptcies that have taken place online, for an organization to last that long is really impressive. And being a client of theirs for many years, I can tell you they have grown with the industry, from marketing to internet services to web hosting to design and they’ve become the very best search engine optimization service provider you’ll find. Thus, let me tell you precisely why I’m exceptionally impressed with Secure Independence Top 10 or Free first page of Google ranking services. Right from the start, their incredibly low price is outstanding! I’ve in no way known a search engine placement company to set a maximum on the amount it will cost monthly. Most other organizations want to over charge you for each and every penny, with out giving you anywhere close to the things they should in return. Secure Independence is just the reverse. These people always strive to do more than what’s expected of them.

After you place an order for seo work, you simply fill out a q & a form in order to tell them items like: who your ideal customer can be; how your merchandise is different from the other competition; who your most significant competitor can be; what you think the ideal keywords are usually; and just what areas of the nation you take care of. With all these records, they go to work on and discover a huge set of keyword phrases. Then they use those keywords and phrases and target them to the actual location you need customers from. You can also add key words and phrases at any time for no additional charge. That is just unheard of in the industry. All of this and much more is included in their low monthly $99 maximum charge and no long term contract.

With Top 10 or Free, they get your website to display within the actual top 10 spots of the organic rankings on page one of the engines like Google. This could mean you could have hundreds or even thousands of individuals to click and visit your website and there’s never any additional cost. Your site is going to be submitted to the big three search engines, including Google, Yahoo as well as Bing manually. The company also submits to all the other search engines and directories. And as part of that service, there is a timed sequence for the submissions, as well as particular pages that are built following the strict guidelines of each individual search engine.

As soon as that’s carried out, they do computerized submissions together with a proprietary computer software program for all small search engines to offer you maximum exposure on the web. They don’t allow any rock unturned in terms of getting your internet site seen on the web. At the same time you might have perhaps heard that linking is vital to serp rankings. Effectively, over time you are going to end up with far more inbound links compared to what you ever imagined. And all of this happens while they will be creating RSS feeds, submitting pr releases, putting your site on the social networks and article marketing for you. I am just telling you that some of what Secure Independence does by way of their Top ten services could make your head shake in amazement while it aids your income to expand!

You know, you’ll be able to probably find these features from other seo companies, but I can guarantee you that they’re not going to be included in a low monthly price under $100. In fact, the companies I checked out want to charge you extra for every little item. And then, if you start seeing success, they want to increase your price until you’re paying through the nose for the same services they’re already over-charging you for! That’s why it’s so incredible that Secure Independence does all it does for their low monthly fee. And it doesn’t matter if they get you a few hundred page one rankings or thousands of page one positions each month, their cost by no means goes up! I am telling you, this seo provider just can’t be beat! Whether it sounds like I’m a big enthusiast of, you bet I am. Any company that gives more than your money can buy than you pay, is only the best in my book. That’s why I suggest Secure Independence Top 10 or Free search engine optimization to any person with a website. After many years of excellent support and exceptional results for simply $99 a month, let me tell you that I will not be permitting anyone to carry out my seo service work for my company except Secure Independence Top 10 or Free!

In closing, the only complaints that come to mind is I just kick myself when I think what would have happened if I taken action earlier. If you’re an intelligent business owner, you’ll need to check them out straight away at Many thanks to for their continual commitment in helping me get guaranteed google first page rankings.

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