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By Seomul Evans

Manufactured homes underwent a metamorphosis for good at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of 1990s. Technological advances in the mobile home construction industry made it possible to change the way these homes were built and these manufactured homes started bearing a striking resemblance to regular brick and mortar homes. It became possible to construct them on two and more sections. These multi section homes had a steeper pitch roof, other residential features and even covered porches. This led to the coining of a new term for these residential structures, “manufactured homes” and all other terms such as trailer homes, trailers and even mobile homes were dropped. Today, the term ‘manufactured home’ is the correct and legally accepted term for such structures.

Manufactured homes are built in compliance with the HUD code for such structures and in order to get a compliance certificate, you will need to ensure that the structural requirements of the code are followed precisely. All HUD code homes come with a steel under carriage that supports each section and is used to transport the sections to the site. Once there; these sections are placed on steel piers or cinder blocks by removing the axle and the wheels.

Manufactured homes are generally seen on a single and two section versions. In some parts of the country, you ma also be able to find larger three or four section homes. There are also several HUD code home manufacturers who construct two story homes. However, this type of construction is not seen in most states as it is not required by HUD norms. HUD code homes are essentially single story homes that can also be placed on a basement or any other blocking system that will hold the beams of the different sections. Manufactured homes are looking more like on site homes each day with the same amenities and features; however, with a significantly lower rice tag. The average rate of a manufactured home is $35 to $65 per square foot.


You can find almost all the features that are associated with a brick and mortar house with manufactured homes; from spacious dining rooms to sprawling living rooms and from vaulted ceiling, bedroom skylights to modern kitchens, fireplaces, hardwood floors and premium appliances. It is also possible to have your very own spa like bathroom with whirlpool tubs and walk in closets that are big enough to accommodate the whole family’s clothing. There are almost limitless options with manufactured homes these days. As a matter of fact, it would be hard to tell a high end manufactured home apart from stick built homes in an area because they blend so seamlessly with the other homes. However, these homes are still HUD code homes, so to buy a foreclosed manufactured home you will need to go through HUD. Enlist the help of a HUD code attorney and a HID registered real estate agent who will be able to fine the offer in your name. The HUD code attorney will be able to help you out with compliance and together issues that you will need to take care of.

Because the HUD compliance code is very stringent and specific, most HUD home manufacturers have come with a middle way, they are now manufacturing modular homes on steel chassis; these re popularly known as ‘hudular’ homes because the have the traits of both modular as well as HUD code homes; however, they do not have to be in compliance with HUD code; the manufacturers follow local and state building codes when manufacturing these houses. Another term commonly used for these homes is high end manufactured homes or hybrid homes. This product is often considered to be the wave of the future in the manufactured homes construction industry.

The technology is so potent that most experts are suggesting that these new hybrid homes have the potential to bring HUD code homes industry out of the slump. When buying this type of a home, you will need to worry abut HUD code compliance or even upgrading a foreclosure homes to meet the criteria of the HUD code.

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