How To Choose Quality Motorcycle Accessories

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By Dominik Huhsl

As fuel prices rise, motorcycles have become far more than just recreational vehicles. Great fuel efficiency has led many people to begin commuting with their two-wheeled vehicles instead of just taking them out for a cruise on the weekends. Spending more time on a motorcycle, especially in city traffic, puts a rider at higher risk for a minor accident. Purchasing the right motorcycle accessories can help riders stay safe. High-quality motorcycle accessories also make the ride more comfortable, which is crucial if you climb on your bike every morning for your ride to work.

Motorcycle gloves are often overlooked by new riders. They assume that their hands do not need protection because the handlebars come with comfortable rubber grips. However, in a sharp curve, you may reflexively throw your hand out if the bike starts to tip. Resting your hand on the asphalt as your bike slides will take most of the skin off of your palm. A sturdy set of gloves will also improve your grip on the handlebars. You won’t have to worry about your hands slipping off the handbrake because of sweaty fingers. Choose gloves designed specifically as motorcycle accessories to get the best protection. An online motorcycle shop will carry a greater range of different glove sizes and styles than a retail store.

Most states require riders to don an approved helmet, making it is the most important of the many motorcycle accessories. This prevents serious brain damage or skull fractures that can occur during accidents, even if the bike is traveling at low speeds. The best helmets offer face protection as well to keep debris and insects from leaving welts on your face. Your head gear should be approved by the Department of Transportation to ensure it offers adequate protection, but it must also be comfortable. The next time you need to buy helmets, try out a few different brands at a retail store, then shop online to find discounted prices.


Many new riders purchase all of their motorcycle accessories at the same motorcycle store that sells them the bike. While this is an acceptable way to pick up a convenient starter kit, you should upgrade your equipment as soon as you decide to stick with motorcycle riding. Some of these motorcycle stores sell mediocre gloves, helmets and boots because their main focus is on the bikes. These accessories will work for your first few rides, but you will increase your comfort and safety level by upgrading soon after that.

Some motorcycle accessories belong on the bike instead of the rider. Improved speedometers, tire pressure monitoring systems and motorcycle exhaust systems all help you upgrade your favorite ride. Many of these accessories are easily installed by the bike owner, while others require a quick stop at your local bike shop. This equipment helps turn a normal street bike into a full-fledged commuting machine. If you ride your bike every day, adding the right motorcycle accessories to it is just as important as regular maintenance. Shopping online for this equipment will help you upgrade your bike without spending a fortune.

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