Hosting An Open House Baby Shower

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By Janet R.

A baby shower is a fun and memorable event for every mom-to-be. However, planning for it can be a challenging. Invitations, decorations, games, food, and location are just a few that are a bit difficult to manage. With so many available choices to choose from, deciding which is which can be overwhelming.

Probably one of the biggest barriers is the location. Choosing a location should involve some points that must be considered. The first thing that you have to keep in mind when choosing a location for the baby shower is the space. Can it accommodate the number of people invited to the shower? If yes, then it will be perfect, but if not you have to consider other options.

If the prospected location cannot accommodate the number of guests, one good suggestion is to plan an open-house party. An open-house baby shower is actually a practical idea if there is a great number of people that expected to come. This is also a great idea if you are not sure that the guests will stay until the party is over. Of course, you don’t want to disregard the fact that there are some who are really busy with their work, so with an open-house baby shower you can let them stay and leave on their own time frame.


Baby shower games are optional for this type of baby shower. Instead of playing games, you can still provide some great activity like encouraging guests to write a few baby tips or advice on a scrapbook or journal. This is a very good idea that the mom-to-be will surely appreciate. New moms don’t really have too many knowledge in terms taking care of a newborn, so providing her with some tips and advices really makes a good sense. Whether you are planning to have a few to many activities during the course of baby shower, planning for them is a lot simpler with an open-house baby shower idea.

The decorations don’t have to be too much and the food can be streamlined. Choosing a location depends on you and the mom’s preference. It really doesn’t matter if everyone will arrive at the same time because they don’t need to sit for a long time because it’s an open-house style. Serve finger foods that the guests may eat while standing or sitting, just in case all the chairs are accommodated for a few minutes.

Don’t forget to consider the mom-to-be. How will she enjoy the open-house party? Simple, just let her mingle at her pleasure! Let her feel free to chat with her friends and catch up things with relatives who live far from her. Both the guests and the mom-to-be will appreciate the time they enjoyed with each other’s company.

Planning an open-house baby shower can actually make a fun and exciting task for a hostess. If you would like to plan one for your friend or family member, there’s a lot of creative and unique ideas you can think of. Consider the Internet as your reference when it comes to finding and buying baby shower invites, baby shower favors, and even baby shower gifts.

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