Hardgainer Routine: Bulk Up Plan For Skinny Guys

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Hardgainer Routine: Bulk Up Plan For Skinny Guys


Brian Cooper

If you are searching for a high quality hardgainer routine for building up size, then I’ve got a good one for you. There are numerous programs in existence, especially with the web, that it is very easy to get perplexed about what works and what doesn’t, who to listen to, what number of sets to do, how many reps, how to to rest, the list goes on and on.

This method has worked miracles for 100s and probably 1000s of gym goers, hardgainers and muscle men alike both in building muscle and also gaining strength. Regardless of how long and how quick bodybuilding will progress, the 5×5 system will ALWAYS be a quality method to stack on gains like nothing else.

Here is the complete hardgainer routine for building mass that you can follow:



1) Barbell Squats

2) Bench Press (Barbell or Dumbbells)

3) T-Bar Rows or Bent Over Barbell Rows

4) Barbell Or Dumbbell Shoulder Press

5) Deadlifts

6) Barbell Curls

Begin with doing every one of the following workouts three days per week, and when you feel the weight getting heavier and more difficult to control, you can switch to 2 times per week with two to three days in-between workouts for additional recovery time. These are the backbone of mass building workouts, and even though the program appears straightforward doesn’t mean it will be easy, but most significantly, it is going to produce RESULTS.

Stick to this hardgainer routine for 2-3 months and as long as you are constantly adding weight and getting progressively stronger, your muscle mass will follow.

So to recap what we’ve learned in this

Hardgainer Routine

, muscle growth can be achieved through proper diet, having the right type of exercise program, and the right mindset!To learn more about how to bulk up safely, naturally and effectively, visit:


Everyone has the desier to put on muscle mass, and fast! But,in order

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Hardgainer Routine: Bulk Up Plan For Skinny Guys