Dental Implants Can Be The Third Teeth

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byAlma Abell

People are gifted with two sets of teeth, both of which serve their specific purpose. Eventually all the “baby teeth” are lost and replaced with a set of teeth which are considered permanent. In many people, this actually happens, they go through life and they keep all of their permanent teeth, however, this actually is quite rare.

For one reason or another, it might be trauma or perhaps from irreversible decay, people lose their permanent teeth, either one or more end up by the wayside. In the past the solutions were a bridge, a partial denture or if the loss was bad enough, a full denture. These solutions gave the individual teeth but they were far from the perfect solution. In the case of bridge work and partial dentures, good teeth which remained had to be profiled to accept the prosthesis and in the case of full dentures, difficulties in eating and speaking were bound to occur.


With dental implants in Charleston, WV now available, these uncomfortable solutions can be avoided and literally, it is possible to get a third tooth or teeth. The implantation process is a bit lengthy but once completed gives a tooth that feels and looks perfectly natural.

When a tooth has been lost, it is now possible to replace the missing root with a titanium insert which is implanted into the jaw bone of the patient. The insert looks very much like a tapered screw; the screw end is implanted once the dentist has prepared the site. Over a period of time, it can often take five or six months, the titanium insert will become one with the bone, making a “root” on which to build a replacement tooth.

Dental implants in Charleston, WV actually consist of three components; the implant itself, a small cap which is fastened to the top of the implant and the crown or false tooth.

The success rate of dental implants is extremely high, rarely does one not graft as planned. The implant becomes one with the jaw so there is no noticeable shrinking of the gum which can result in a sunken look to the face. As previously mentioned; bridges required work to be done to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, with a tooth implant there is no interference with existing teeth.

Shalhoup & Feola Family & Cosmetic Dentistry offers dental implants treatment for replacing your lost teeth in Charleston, WV.