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Patients that suffer from unpleasant urinary tract infections (UTI) experience the need to urinate frequently, feelings of discomfort as they urinate and their urine might also be cloudy as well. The cause of a UTI is an E. coli infection, with bacteria making its way into the kidney or the bladder. Whilst it’s certainly discomforting to experience a UTI, treatments are available and natural remedies like D Mannose powder are highly effective in this situation. During infection bacteria tends to cling to the urinary tract but D Mannose acts like a binding agent, attracting the bacteria away from the lining of the tract. Taken orally, the D Mannose works it way through the body adhering to bacterial substances along the way, which are flushed out in the urine.


If you think you’re suffering with a UTI D Mannose powder will help to alleviate your health concerns. Packets of powder are provided by suppliers of Culturelle products and other leading brand names in the supplement sector. Wondering how long the UTI will last once you’ve taken D Mannose? As with many health complaints, this often varies from person to person. Some folks are lucky. They’ll take D Mannose and find they feel the benefit in just a few hours. Most people have to be a little patient though, with signs of improvement within 12 – 24 hours. At most, you might be looking at 36 hours in total, but one comfort you can take is, you know the D Mannose is going to work. At the first sign of a urinary tract infection start taking D Mannose powder, you’ll find it on the shelf of your local supplement store near the diverse range of Culturelle products. Can D Mannose be used for preventative purposes? Yes it can. Although most people only think about UTIs when they experience an infection, a number of people take D Mannose on a regular basis, to prevent the possibility of E. coli bacteria entering the urinary tract. A small daily dose of D Mannose might be all you need to prevent UTIs in the future. Simply drop half a teaspoon of D Mannose in a glass of water and enjoy the sweet taste of this natural type of health supplement. If you can’t find D Mannose in a local store plenty of web based supplement sites sell it in powder form. Look for it online through suppliers of Culterelle probiotic capsules and put an end to those regular urinary tract infections.

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