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Nokia India celebrates a supreme brand legacy in Indian mobile market as Nokia mobiles hit the Indian bazaars before 15 years, when other mobile companies were planning to enter India. With its robust features and easy-to-use keypads, Nokia phones stole the show and Nokia India struck the right chord with Indian consumers. A few years before, Nokia went through a sticky patch and other mobile companies threw strong challenges; however, Nokia mobiles got the better of this competition and resurfaced as the mobile of India. As online shopping India is booming day by day, the competition in mobile market has grown fiercer. With this, Nokia has changed its marketing strategy and takes e-commerce marketing in its marketing kitty.

Latest Nokia Mobiles

Indian mobile market is one of the fast moving phenomena in this world; any mobile, no matter how costly it is, has a life span of not more than six months. In this unpredictable state of affairs, Nokia mobile has made the grade; time and again, the mobile market of India is flooded with the latest Nokia mobiles that are equipped with cool features at the most affordable prices. Through a chain of retail stores, Nokia has distributed its latest mobiles to a large number of consumers. Nokia mobiles serve each and every market segment in India from school-goers to housewives, from retired old persons to working executives, from collegians to self-employed professionals, from small businessmen to corporate giants everyone has one Nokia mobile.

Nokia Dual SIM Mobiles

For Indian consumers, just one is not enough, and hence Nokia India introduced Nokia phones with dual SIM. Now, mobile users can enjoy dual advantage; with two SIM cards they can talk for hours together; when the balance of one SIM is over, simply switch over to another SIM and go on with your talks. Although dual SIM was a new technology for Indian consumers, the company didnt raise Nokia mobiles price and the new technology was an instant hit in India. This dual SIM technology of Nokia was a welcome relief for working executives, who could easily switch between personal & professional SIM cards.

Nokia Touch Screen Mobiles

Research & Development team of Nokia found some interesting observations that take in the fact that people hate to use their thumbs too often to type in messages & numbers. And the result is touch screen mobiles from Nokia India. For a smooth navigation, Nokia touch screen mobiles are a boon for Indians, who love to stay in touch with their loved ones. Now typing in long messages and emails is at your finger tips, literally; and all this without giving much stress to your fingers. Just slide your fingertips over the screen, and the job is done. It gives you a fast and relaxing experience to you.

Nokia QWERTY Mobiles

For messenger lovers, QWERTY Nokia mobiles are a blessing. Now they can type in long messages & emails too, without giving much stress to their fingertips. You can use both your thumbs and fingers to type in; moreover, you can write a clear-cut text with all punctuation marks available on the keypad. The most user-friendly features won Nokia award of the hottest QWERTY phone in India.

Innovation is the key at Nokia mobile and its winning mantra is Nokia price India none of its mobile phones is high-priced. It serves the value they promise and sometimes, consumers find more promise than value they give.

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