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By Kimberly Quang

Commercial lighting pole mounting adapters allow commercial entities and municipalities to customize any decorative or parking lot lighting pole with fixtures that precisely meet both lighting and regulatory requirements in any region of the United States or Canada. Older lighting poles with fixed, pre-configured mounts can only support specific fixtures, and these fixtures may not meet the legal requirement of wind resistance and foot-candle measurement that most cities require for commercial lighting poles and fixtures. Mounting adapters can transform an ordinary commercial lighting pole from a single unit into a multiplicity of options. Everything from parking lot lights to security lights and even security cameras can be fitted to commercial lighting poles with mounting adapters from RLLD. This can help prevent heavy penalties and possible liability that could result from defective or non-compliant equipment. Proactively preventing a major incident before it occurs can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and avert a painful financial setback.

There are two specific types of mounting adapters for commercial lighting poles currently being offered. We carry round mounting arms and square mounting arms, each of which offers specific benefits that make it possible to match specific fixtures to specific functions. Round mounting arm adapters feature heavy duty weather resistant polyester powder coated steel tubing which makes them highly resistance to the weathering effects of inclement climate change. Double reinforced weld joints hold them securely in place to any steel or wooden commercial lighting pole and offer 90 degree, 120 degree, and 180-degree angles. These mounting adapters for commercial light poles provide excellent support for a number of halide security floodlights and can dual function as mounts for security cameras on shorter poles when fitted to the pole with slip adapters. This allows the camera to be vertically positioned at the exact height desired. Adjacent commercial light poles fitted with horizontal, channel-mounted tenons can then be equipped with heavy-duty bullhorns and floodlights. Models like our RLLD Floodinator, Megaflood, Floodzilla, and Flex flood models illuminate every square inch of property on camera and leave nothing undetected regardless of the hour of the night.


For larger parking lots and commercial parking lot light pole mounting adapters, RLLD provides a wide array of square mounting arms that are excellent for use with TV, TH, and RV series brackets. They feature 4′ bases and tenons engineered for heavy-duty support of metal halide and parking lot lights. Slip fitters can also be attached to these adapters to allow for precise vertical positioning of lamps for optimal photo metrics.

The ability to modify any commercial lighting pole with a mounting adapter specific to any lighting fixture’s intended lighting functionality makes it possible for both businesses and city governments to have more direct control over their lighting equipment configurations and commercial lighting design layouts. Oftentimes, corporations and municipalities can save a great deal of money by investing in adapters and fixtures and simply fitting them to existing light poles. This prevents a total replacement of all commercial lighting poles and fixtures that might be both extreme and unnecessary compared to the alternative of simple, efficient modification. It is vitally important to explore all of one’s options before investing in any type of major parking lot lighting upgrade, new parking lot light installation, or commercial security lighting and security camera equipment.

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