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All of us have a sweet tooth, it’s a known reality among people. The level of sweetness can vary from anyone but the truth still stays, we all want a piece of candy. In one way or another, organizations and groups have used the latest technological advancement to create a candy. This may be a chocolate candy or the saltwater taffy that the kids love the most. Chocolate may still be heard, nowadays, but saltwater taffy was the popular candy 10 years ago. It may be unheard of now but it’s one of the first candies on earth.

Famously, the US military has soldiers packing candy bars as part of their mission rations. The reasoning for this is plain to see: sugar provides a quick energy boost, giving a soldier tired from a prolonged mission just enough gas to stay alert for a few hours more. Candy companies like Hersheys have also developed specialized formulations of their most popular products specifically for military use. The blends include a lot more short-term nutrients that keep the body going and alert, but still focus on the sugary, chocolate-laden goodness most consumers know and love.


Chocolates are sometimes used as decorations on cake and cupcakes. One innovation that’s getting popular these days is the “Chocolate Plastic”. This concoction is tasty and highly flexible because it is fundamentally a chocolate paste that can be prepared easily and can be used as a decoration on certain food items like cakes and other pastries. An added use about this is that it can be a wrapper for presents and thus, it makes wrapping presents and accepting gift wrapped presents more fun.

Japan has history of recycling things but also turning it into something unique like adding a touch of Japanese twist into it and candy is not an exception. This one popular brand in Japan is called the “good luck charm candy” because these are the type of candies that children receive during examination periods. Japanese people also invented a green tea flavored candy which is unusual from the typical chocolate candy. But if you want something that’s extremely unique then you should try their wasabi-flavored candy. I bet you’re curious what that candy taste like! They are really known for inventing something extraordinary but don’t be surprised that these new flavors are gaining popularity in Japan these days.

Candies tend to have a rainbow of flavors. Everything from various takes on mint to different varieties of chocolate will end up represented on candy. However, in general, most candy companies have the good sense not to flavor a sweetened treat after something that is generally not sweet. Sometimes, though, products like bacon-flavored mints manage to come through. This is one of those candy flavors that, like Japanese green tea or sushi candy, are likely to confuse people. Still, despite how wrong it may sound to the normal person, there is apparently a market out there for bacon-flavored mints.

About the Author: Everyone has a sweet tooth. Definitely, a piece of candy is enough to make someones day a lot better.


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